wild swimming in liverpool

Why and where you should be wild swimming in Liverpool

Wild swimming, also known as open water swimming, is the practice of swimming in natural bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and oceans. Unlike swimming in a pool, wild swimming takes place in an uncontrolled environment where water temperature, current, and other factors can vary widely. It is often considered a more adventurous and challenging form of swimming than swimming in a pool and Liverpool is the perfect place to try this exciting sport.

Why try wild swimming in Liverpool

Wild swimming has been shown to have several health benefits. Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can help improve your cardiovascular health. The resistance of the water against your body provides a full-body workout, which can help improve circulation and lower blood pressure.

It also boosts your immune system, reduces stress and anxiety and can help you sleep better. Wild swimming can have many positive effects on both physical and mental health. However, it is important to always take safety precautions when swimming in natural bodies of water, as conditions can change quickly and unexpectedly.

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Where to go wild swimming in Liverpool

Wild swimming in Liverpool’s docks is such an unique experience. The docks in Liverpool have played a significant role in the city’s history and culture, and swimming in these waters can offer a unique perspective on the city’s past and present. Wild swimming in the docks offers a challenging and exciting swimming experience. The waters can be choppy and the currents strong, providing a good workout and a thrilling adventure.

But don’t just jump in anywhere. You need an experienced guide such as those at the Liverpool Watersports Centre. They take out groups of experienced swimmers daily for one-hour sessions. A safety briefing is included. You must bring your own wetsuit and tow floats with you. These are also available to hire and buy there.

If you find that wild swimming is the sport for you, check out The Wild Swim Store online as they have all the gear you’ll need to take up this exciting hobby.

Where to stay when wild swimming in Liverpool

Why not continue the experience and stay on board The Liverpool Boat for your time in Liverpool. It is a 60×10 wide-beam canal boat which sleeps four in two bedrooms. The Liverpool Boat is located in the Liverpool Marina, only a five-minute walk from the Liverpool Watersport Centre. Book your stay here.